terça-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2011

I am Sick and Fighting Against Death :( !

Well Sileny Noel,Shangreloo Kuhn,Luccy Sands, Kristine Karfield,Tami Burt,Madeline Zenfold,Kitty Cats and all that have supported my blog, my fashion creations and also what I think..All the designers that i have deeply respect!
I hug you all.
I must tell to all that I am sick, very sick and fighting against death and life... between my bed and hospital as a warrior I try Fight and I will come back Blog...
I will come back to my Real Life and also Second Life!!
I cross my fingers;/ sorry be honest but I try just explain because I had a commitment & also a pleasure in blog each designer that I've met... I am sorry but I am human :(
First I had problems with Linden Lab and those new viewers and I got upset and very sad because I am responsible and I could not blog. I had to stop and after...I have suffered emotional torture on Real Life what cracked my soul,my real life, my pleasures and also my work as far as I was producing Arts Expositions on Real Life...
I will understand if some blogger groups erase me but honestly Laerke Levenque does not exists without me on real life...I must take care of myself...
I cross my fingers that Linden Lab fix my account (I am just logging in to feed my kittycats and pay my land):(.
I wanna come back fast and this depends of Linden Lab and also now my health.
I wanna make some fashion productions again and also my Flickr Group is stopped. :(
I had sooooo much pleasure in blog and take pictures and learn more and more ...
I love all of my blogger friends, my dear friends, the designers that had a huge patience in receive notecards and also reply me... It is sad yes!
I am not leaving Second Life I am just shocked with some things that have happened with me.Personal things and why I explain? I am Latin... This broke myself But i am still here and as a hell raiser I will come back...
Claud Thank you to stay by my side and also Alfred Ninetails...
While I cannot play and I am lying on a bed I will try talk more with Linden Lab!!!
I am sure that they can make something if they want but at the moment they just give me standard answers -.-...My computer has one year and are hard times for Macs...
*If I forgot someone I apologize. Here in this game I made many friends,my English had a little bit advanced and I learned a bit how to build.
I must say thank you to all that crossed my life being rude or polite.:)
I wish you the best!<3

9 comentários:

  1. Hang in there, laerke, even though i don't really know you, but through your blog, i can feel that you are a strong woman, you can win this fight of your life ! Take care :-)

    "When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. "
    ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

  2. hug all of you and yeah i hope so...<3 Happy xmas

  3. Lae amore, te desejo tudo de bom, vc sabe disso força amiga e fé em Deus que tudo dara certo ♥
    vc ta aki ó ♥
    Se cuida viu ,grande beijo Tami Burt ♥

  4. hugs sweetie. keep fighting! the winner takes it all. all the best for you and hopefully a happy xmas!!!

  5. I cross fingers too and wish you to come back to us very soon. Big Hug! Madeline

  6. I will come back , thank you all! today or tomorrow i will be back!
    Hug all of you and thank you my friends to stay at by my side!

  7. Love you Laerke. You're one of my best friends in SL, and I am happy to count you as a friend in RL too.

    Take good care of yourself, and get well quickly.


  8. Putz laerke!

    Eu tenho certeza que vc vai passar por tudo isso e bem. Você sempre foi de lutar, nao perca as forças, quando menos esperar vai olhar para trás e dizer superei mais uma. Eu sou forte, minha vontade é maior. Se cuida viu? Muita paz, amor e carinho pra vc amiga. Eu nao sei se volto a SL, sabe aqueles momentos que cai a ficha e a gente se pergunta: E minha RL? o que faço por ela? o que faço por mim na RL? Eu estou uma fase que preciso ficar afastada e resolver a RL, não posso mais fugir para o SL. Quando eu tiver em equilibrio eu retorno ^^
    beijos e se cuida
    que vc tenha um Ano Novo maravilhoso porque vc merece!