quarta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2009

Alb Dream Fashion and Lil Carducci =)

The Hammer is from Lil Carducci, they have nice poses and also are very well donne.
waves to Lil! Yay!

Hammer: Carducci's
outfit cames from Alb Dream Fashion from AnaLee Balut -Alb Dream Fashion 1l
skin - Dutch Touch (not free)
lashes- pack of lashes many colors - Alb Dream Fashion 1l gift group
socks - Alb Dream Fashion by AnaLee Balut gitf group
shoes - Stiletto Moody Boutique - birthday gift group
hair- Alli&Ali not free

Hammer- Carcucci's Gun Gun Weapon Motorcycles not free

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