segunda-feira, 23 de novembro de 2009

addiction ^^

sometimes second life is so amazing we can have castles, thousand of clothes any color of hair , eyes, anyway you change so easily that the topics under can can be happen!!!
real life is very important i am telling you this cause i am really a second life addict!!

Top 10 Signs You May Be Addicted To Second Life

# 1. When you are intimate with Your partner You look for poseballs & ask your partner & say Can you hit the menu for me baby

# 2. When you look in the mirror and think, "I need to adjust my appearance"

# 3. Some Asshole starts some shit with you and You Say I Will Ban Your Ass

# 4. You Keep Trying To Find Peoples Names Over There Head

# 5. When you Start to walk you say to yourself /ao on

# 6. When someone asks to borrow your notes in class, you tell them they are No Copy/No-Transfer.

# 7. You jump up into the air, thinking you can fly but fall flat on your face And then you think to your self its just the lag

# 8. When a friend asks you for directions, you offer to give him a landmark or a tp

# 9. You Tell Your Mum You Will Tp Over In 5 Min

# 10. When at a Grocery store You Keep Trying To Right Click To Buy Things

skin: Redgrave Moon not free
outfit: Xanadu - Lemania not free
eyelashes: l'utopie free
picture Vinicius Mortensen

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