domingo, 22 de novembro de 2009

to earn money

earn money in second life is very hard is 1 l for 1 l every day .
to win money : camps - places you go and sit or wait or dance and you win!
xploders in sims that makes this , the sheeps, and my favorite place Vargas!!!
there you take a hud , you select places to make offers and you can win lindens every month .
Is nice, fun and is very serious place. there you can get a job and also be hired ...
if you really want make money please im me i will pass to you the lms i have in my inventaty i am here to help people that is in the beginning so please you can send me a notecard with your doubts... i will help you with pleasure!

skin lykke by Analog Dog Hair
outfit miss Lemania
tatoo Avid not free
picture by Vinicius Mortensen

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