sexta-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2009

hunt hun hunt and i look like Kill Bill "Citrus Orange"=) by Lemania

The Lemania Advent for December comes with 24 outfits; each one will be rezzed day by day.This is prize number 2; it is called Citrus Orange.
The hunt this month is free and I can assure you the outfits are really cool!!
You must go!!! Yes, it is imperative that you visit Lemania Sim this month!!!
Miss Lemania is so generous!!
You will find more gifts around the sim, and inside the mainstore...check and grab your gifts and bring your friends to hunt!!!
Omg I feel like Kill Bill!XD

Outfit:Lemania Indigo Designs "Citrus Orange" hunt free just touch it ^^
Skins: Dutch Touch not free
Hair: ETD Freebie 1l Anya Black
Earings: Dryad Designs Showgirl earings not free

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