terça-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2009

hunt hunt hunt ^^ Sparkly Box by Lemania

Hey, Hey, Hey hunters wake up !! We have 12 nice advent hunts in the world!!! . The hunt at Lemania has the best gifts.1st december....You will have to find gifts and it will be a pleasure, won't it? XD.
Hunters will be looking for Christmas Presents and this is what Hunters will be looking for
This is a different kind of hunt ..
*One new one will rez on the sim. It means it is good for you to come to Lemania everyday and look for them :). This gown is from the 22nd day :).... curious? Read the notecard "Lemania's Advent Hunt":)

Outfit:Lemania Indigo Designs Sparkly Box 1l hunt
Skin: Dutch Touch not free
Hair: Gurly6 - Felicity free
Lashes: Dutch Touch not free

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