terça-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2009

I'm a warrior!

Every week at Little Britain you have a free nice outfit (men and women). Just enter the store and you will find it on the right, above the Lucky Chairs.:) I love this store and they have nice Freebies. So, I will try to post them here.
I got this skin from a skin hunt at Vanity. It is from "The Obscene" and it is already gone a loooong time ago. The hair is a group gift from Bliss Couture. Just join the group (it is at the store on the right too). It is called "Crazy Hair"
Yes, I am a warrior because I am making this blog alone and let me tell you I found new gifts at The Obscene for you ! More skins !!!o.o
Outfit: Little BritainRipped Appart
Skin:The Obscene a hunt at Vanity - Obscene Aluka Vamp Tone Cut Neck
Hair: Bliss Couture "Crazy Hair"

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