domingo, 17 de janeiro de 2010

Exclusiva Look Book Dollarbie January and Magika Hairs for free

I was off, i had a little accident at home and was off all day. Fanceey and Pao were so generous (as always).
Pao told me about the Exclusiva January Dollarbie and sent me a Look Book, i opened and i bought it and is this zebra and blue dress. Is cute isn't it? What are you waiting for buy yours so? Looking me?How i am cool?XD
Outfit:Exclusiva Look Book Dollarbie January
Skin:Dutch Touch not free
Hair:Magika free hairs: a folder with 14 dif hairs i will just post one ok? this is Road Black.

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  1. Hi !!!

    You have to bandage your hand and in sl - ..
    If tha 'Animal Protection Agency' see tha zebras cuted in more parta and covers a pair of breasts .. what will be tha firt wrote ..? xd