sábado, 9 de janeiro de 2010

Hunt Hunt Hunt began the hunt at Lemania YAY!!!!o.o

The Hunt begins on January 9th and ends on January 31st. Lemania will have over 20 hunt gifts - maybe more depends on...I will post one outfit a day so this outfit is the number 1. Enjoy , have fun all of 1l is kinda generosity of Miss Lemi girls.This outfit comes with a shoe but i am so lazy,have to change clothes all time ( skin, hair, lashes, outfit) o.o...Waves!

Outfit:Lemania Indigo Designs - hunt 1 -Swedish Techno Box
Skin - Lara Skins Aida one day were free XD now nop
Hair: Maiteya Harlow Chocolate not free

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