quinta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2010

[Kaifo] another Gift from Fab Free free skins and), dolarbie hairs =

Ouftit:[Kayfo] Photography and Store Cherries a gift from FabFree.
Skin:Donna Make-up 1 Again Fanceey im me and passed me a slurl has a wall with free skins at Diamonds Beauty@Nspire Mall Thank you again girl!!=)
Hair:W&Y 1l at the same place of past post at SilkRoad
If there is a group that I love and also recommend to everyone is the Fabulously Free group at SL. Members always receive gifts and we exchange news. Now we have been given these cherries. Thank you; they're very cute!! I really love the gifts and feel lost whenever the group chat is closed.

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