segunda-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2010

Lois Allen : White Elegant Dress free to you in her store at Lemania XD

Outfit:My sweet friend Lois Allen gave us this White Elegant free, means zero!!!Also has a bargain wall.Thank you Lois!:)
Skin:Babette Skin by Chic hahaha past hunt at Vanity Skins it costed me 10l :/ now to join the group is 200l and is really worthy but they already has eyes and facelights for 10l.They have a Babette Stars with a Star tatoo for 10l as well buy it is a nice skin nude.
Hair: Maitreya they are not free but to me are the bests so i don't care XD Zoe Hazel
Shoes: Ahhh yes i am always with this boots Avid not free listen i am sorry i have a bounch of shoes but i have to change me all the time i love Avid boots and yes they are here with me always.
Jewels: Dryad Designs - Drops of Blood not free but like i said there are some things we need have when we love. Dryad is a special designer i collect her creations with proud.Everyday Dryad puts 3 sets at least on sale. Go take a look in this sim fully of Creators.
Thank you to my Jo and also My Claud to support me, to support my infinites doubts, And to make this blog better and better how is!!Ty to my LeMelon to make the Lae thsirts that makes me cry of happiness.
Also thank you to Fanceey to share and Pao to be my etern company at hunts and dolarbies and also to have patience to find stuffs to me and also correct me!!I love you all. Thank you to Valencia to be who she is and also to Sky to likes my blog so much.Thank you to Tressa that now belongs to my life here and always helps me as well. It makes me try do it better and better....I think all of you don't know how I love you and Cassandra thank you to come back to me:).

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