terça-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2010

Shop Mauloa, Skin Babette and Duboo gift

Finally!! My partner Claud super helped me supported my dramas and yes without photoshop no second life no way to stay here withot blog.
Nothing i have to do here. Ty to support me crying and logging off.Ty to like me and to stay with me 4 ever claud :)love u!
Outfit: Black top Shop Mauloa 1l and legging Duboo gift :)
Skin:Bebette Chic Inc 10l
Hair:Analog Dog Hair Lykke not free

well my photoshop gonne myabe if i have patience i come back hell
many things are happening with me maybe is time to go people to fisnih the sl
i am really sad but i cannot handle so many problems

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