terça-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2010

Just Because is Valentines =) i put this background and let me tell cannot handle this date !!!

Valentin's Day what is this? This date that couples, hearts, red gowns and etc become appear everywhere!!!!o.o I Hate this things Xmas, Valentines ouch Valentines Day should be everyday with the mutual love and respect i am super loved before you say :"ahh she is telling this cause she has none"! But this dates are just to people get buy buy buy buy and we buy a lot here no?! :/
Outfit:Baiastice Gift group Grandma 2010 (came with skin, hair, shape)fantastic i just put a dress just this and i loved this virginal dress =)
Skin:Dutch Touch is my skin my mate the best one to take pics so not free
Hair:Pr!tty not free but i loved it Runaway Model

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