terça-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2010

Sick and Freack ....Hunting , hunting , hunting with my eyes at game :Pao Verrazzano ty to support me !XD my sis

If there is something makes me crazy, is beeing sick. I am sick rl with a strong cold, fever and Pao idk how can i express here what you have been doing for me. Supporting , beeing my eyes and having patience to find (never saw a hunter like you!XD)hunts. Really love you .
Ty to always put all in order when i am the opposite: so chaotic and also ty to stay in this blog everyday!! Making with me cause this cause i don't let you.^^
I know. Love you my Paozinha!
Outfit:Is the first dress of the hunt Magic and Romance Hunt are 30 dresses to you find Pao found 10.:) this is the Mer Elf Creations find a rose.
Skin: Another Cupid Heart Hunt DEN-DOU Hunt Gift well can you use the search cause i am frick and the beginning of this hunt is at THIS PLACE find a heart ok?:)
Hair:Darker Side again 10l same wall look for XD

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