sexta-feira, 5 de março de 2010

A Day at :::IrEn - Awesome gifts

Okay to joined I have payed 200l but i won so nice skins, and clothes and also this hair that i must say that is a good option to you. They are Generous and they have all: clothes, skins, shapes, tatoos, hairs... i erased one group to join this :)
Outfit:::::IrEn::::Gift//Corsett IrEn Group Gift
Hair:IrEn Group Gift :::: Earth:::: at store
Skin:IrEn Group Gift Maria_pale_papagai_freckles
Skirt: *OC* Happy New Year a gift by Orage Creations on 2d floor also more gifts and 4 outfits for 20l.Already blogged a black dress.:)
Necklace::::IrEn::: lol

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