quarta-feira, 3 de março de 2010

Summertime !!!!!!!!LAMU skin , a group gift and Trubble

Lamu by Analee Balut ALB SANDY heels palm Group Gift, Alb Skin Larissa dolarbie of the month come with 2 skins and Trubble Subscribo

Outfit:Trubble Subscribo Simple 1 Piece Gold
Skin:ALB SKIN D LARISSA basic came in the folder of the monthly dolarbie ^^ there is another as well:)to join LAMU GROUP you pay 100l but OMG! so many fantastic gifts?
Hair:!Lamb Unbirthday - Ink
Shoes:Alb Dream Fashion by Analee Balut is a huge folder with another pairs of shoes awesomes

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