quarta-feira, 28 de abril de 2010

Alternative Fair part 1

Hello, i put the slurls from susbscribos and group gifts from this gorgeous and interesting Fair. This Expo are for charity so buy!!!Don't forget you are helping a cause!=)
t-shirt:Rene's Tee Shirts - Free Alt Fair Tees Alternative Fair 2010 Tee (Female-J)
shorts:Yesterdays Closet Denim Hot Pants (black) super old so old thati did not found the lm o.0
Socks:New omnomnom stockings v2
Skin:Burning Chrome - : HS : Illusion :
Tease (c) group gift t ( the third eye came with the pack and others as well)
Stiletto: Stiletto Moody Silver Stud Pump Black not free
Jewels:LBB Alt Fair Giftie
Hair:!VA! Working Monday Fores Vanity free
Gift freebie -name "Burning Chrome / Heartsick Alt Fair Freebie""
T-shirt:Grim Bros - Mosquito tee gift
Paints:Woe Som 09 Tribal Jeans Moss gift
Skin:: HS : Yume : Illusion : Precious (beautymarks/c/f)
Hair:!lamb. Witch - Kit Kat not free
Collar:*Dreams* Skull Buckle Collar {Without Poof} gift / collar change

---------Nomine sim ---------------------
Box name """Rene's Tee Shirts-FREE Alt Fair Tees""'
http://slurl.com/secondlife/Nomine/45/209/29Group Join Gift

Box on floor name """free nothing but netstockings - buy for 0!"""

Box name """Grim Bros. Increadible Inadequate Mosquito Squasher Set BOXED""

Gift name """*Dreams* Alt Fair Gifty <3""""

Box name """[CoD] Making Music freebie""

Group join but nothing about subscribo or gift here

Gift name ""LBB Alt Fair giftie""

and subscribo board

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