terça-feira, 11 de maio de 2010

Dutch Touch Group Gift on store for members awesome ::IsiS::

I will tell you where they are: there are 3 boards with 3 differents skins one of them has a shape under is that board you have to touch and grab the 5 tons.

Bra:Maitreya for The Deck ( i think is not avaiable)
Socks:!Rotten Toe not free
the other acessories Avid not free
Skin:Dutch Touch for members to join now is 250l last week was free OMG!I erased and puff had to pay Dutch Touch well join and grab 5 folders of ::IsiS::
Hair:booN HNB582 hair gold not free but is on sale all store is on sale this hair i bought for 80l

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