terça-feira, 4 de maio de 2010

MY Battle to Blog...Thank you Linden Lab XD

Since Linden Lab changed the rules and for graphic reasons i cannot use my sweet Emerald, i have issues... how can i blog if my inventory is always missing?
i used to be a premium since yesterday but for what? They do nothing, now i have to use their viewers Linden Lab viewer), and always when i chat with them they say "i am sorry but for this issue you have to submit a ticket". I am using Linden Lab viewer....rofl
They are not able to fix, not able to help, not able even to talk with their own supports that i have been problems for 6 days!
This is nice , so i feel me stollen , i have been spending time and money paying a premium account and i never had an answer about any issues.
As far as i am using Linden Lab viewer everything should be alright, as far as i submit a tiket and chat 4 times with them everything should be fixed, but it is not and my work is a battle everyday...
I have 7 outfits to blog but i am waiting they appear ....
Thank you Linden Lab !

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