domingo, 16 de maio de 2010

SD Wears Koochie Pink Outfit 50l and Fhang Candy -[FC] Milano//Sunset 50l

When I saw at Fabfree the skins Whisper had blogged, I couldn't believe my eyes because of the gorgeous make-ups and their incredible quality. I tped first to Fhang Candy store and I got a group gift (the Valentines Group Gift skin). Lucky me I could grab it!!! I also camped for 20 minutes for another awesome skin. There were 2 available but I was rushing to get to the Cupcakes Sim and take a look at the 50l skins.
Wow!! I could not resist them and I bought all the 3 available: Sasha in Midnight Passion,Milano in Sunset Make-up,and Coco in sticky&sweet.
I finally came back to my studio radiant with my bounty of extremely high quality skins. No regrets at all so do not miss this opportunity !!! I just have to say ty to the creator of these awesome and vivid skins!^^
Outfit:SD Wears Koochie Pink Outfit 50l
Skin:Fhang Candy -[FC] Milano//Sunset/FhangCandy stall at the Cupcake Bake Sale 50l
Hair:A&A Tekesha Hair Fire group gift free
Jewels:YS&YS past group git but there has nice freebies always

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