sexta-feira, 7 de maio de 2010

Steampunk Minnie Mouse by Crayon Designs a new store for us fashionists :) & and a pack of Mynerva Skins for a special price =)

A new place that i am very proud to blog is Aeon Crystal's store:Crayon Designs with a Lucky Chair and cute outfits Aeon made me fall in love for your creations.
Is a new place that you must visit and take a look. and ty to be unusual Aeon!I can feel that you make your outfits with passion!=)
Outfit:Steampunk Minnie Mouse by Crayon Designs by Aeon Crystal is not free but soon soon they will some outfits will be put on sale and i will let you know ;)
Hair:ZEUS Y-17 TEXdolce Mesh HIBAI ZEUS past group gift
Skin:Belita 7 Brown Brows Runny Mascara by Mynerva Skins subscribo There is a pack of awesome skins (Belita) in a special price!They are on offer (150l) during 2 weeks and after that will come back to the usual price 300l !! i am so happy to meet this store!
Thank you Rhapzody!=)
Stiletto:Stiletto Moody Bare Lana not free

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  1. thanks for this nice blogging :)

    the steampunk minnie mouse outfit is now for sale at a promo amount of just 100 L ;-)

    Aeon Crystal
    Crayon Design