quarta-feira, 30 de junho de 2010

Very Tired ....

I have been blogging alone. Some friends help me to try to make a nice blog, but a few designers like Miss Lemania,Aeon from Crayon Designs, Yoko from Glamorize, Miro by Cupcakes and the sweet Sileny by Mango Mango help me tytytyty!
The other things I blog is because I hunt, I buy, I join groups , and all of this just for having fun.
I know that many bloggers receive packs from stores . It is like real life!!!XD Yay! If you know, if you ask and send notes you can receive... Well, I won't really send any notes to designers, I will not become friends with someone to try to have things. I will continue blogging about what I like.
I really don't care but sometimes it hurts to blog, blog, blog and don't even receive a "thank you"!!!XD So, I wanna say ty to all of you that have helped me make my blog. TY!! I am not a star. I am just someone and I do not wanna have a store, or group or anything, just fun!!!
Also thanks to: Tressa Beaumont, Pao Verrazzano, Fanceey Darkstone, Dawn Bohemian, ClaudsFlayTome Belar ( my so helpful friend); ty all for supporting me!!!

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