sábado, 17 de julho de 2010

i am back! =) The Dressing Room

After problems with passwords, my account blocked, wait a solution and bump some craps from my Second Life (this was the yummy part! don't trust in people here is my advice lol!) I am back!!! Let's forget the awful week and also the craps that already were in a coffin and begin for The Dressing Room.

Outfit:The Dressing Room - R.icielli TDR - CLARISSA highwaistjeans + SOPHIA minitop - 70l
Skin:[]::Tuli::[] gina 04 - 65l awesome skin!Each week Tuli puts a Gina skin avaiable to us on The Dressing Room!
Hair:Maitreya Nahla - Almond not free

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