terça-feira, 27 de julho de 2010

On the third floor at *TICKY TACKY* and the tatoo and piercing from “The Gear + The Scroll hunt”

Lots of bargains at Ticky Tacky please check it out! Also a lucky board and gachas!
Outfit: OK! i am almost naked but the leather skirt is a creation by my friend LeMelonRouge Onyett not avaiable to sell for while!!!
Skin:Stella-2-light-blue by Tik Tok on The Summer of Love Fair here
Make-up:.:::GARAGE:::.Eye Makeups for viewer 2 not free here">here
Hair:!lamb. Oh Sugar - Powder w/ Black Roots not free here
Bangles:*Ticky Tacky* Circle in the Square Bangles (R) 1l
Necklace:*Ticky Tacky* Woe Is My Bleeding Heart Necklace 50l it has a key on mounth as well ok?
Brooch:*Ticky Tacky* Auntie Voodoo Was a Showgirl (Red) - Brooch 25l
Hairpin:*Ticky Tacky* Auntie Voodoo Was a Showgirl (Red) - Hairpin 25l
Stiletto:Stiletto Moody Bare Lana (Anniversary) now just next year maybe they repeat the same, maybe they change who knows?But this stiletto is a classic! And is avaiable there to buy ! here
Tatoo:The Gear+The Scroll - Endless Pain here
Piercing:LBB Amente piercing - BOXED on “The Gear + The Scroll hunt” here
*Ticky Tacky* Black Pasties,gloves 1l is a folder with more things here

Ticky Tacky on 3rd floor here

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