sábado, 28 de agosto de 2010

The Fist Fair of Industrial District - House of RFyre Special for Women on Special Price!

FTLO - #41 [Acide]
! RFyre Glam Goth I Tainted Love Womens Special

The Industry Shopping District Is one of my favorites places.Gothic, punk, industrial or alternative clothing and there is also a club!!Yay!
With quite nice stores.They started a sale on 20 August and those items are just on sale there! Exclusively there!! Stores like :
* Rabbit Hutch Clothier
* PiNkMaReS HoUsE
* [ bubble ]
* Industrial Kitty
* ..::Beauty Killer::..
* House of RFyre
* +Calamity+
* Endless Pain Tattoo
* Eye Factory
* Store Name: Illicit Designs

This sim opened on july with a such nice hunt called Gear+The Scroll Hunt that i made with proud.

Outfit:! RFyre Glam Goth I Tainted Love Womens on sale here There are other outfits there available in stunning colors!!!not free on sale!
Skin:&Bean - hounds of love TAN here 50l and is one of my favorites here
Hair:[LeLutka]-HERA - Hazel not free but very cheap here
Stiletto:Stiletto Moody - Silver Stud Pump (Black) here not free here

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