sexta-feira, 27 de agosto de 2010

For The Love Of Science Hunt

Heh!Do you know how many time i spend to hunt, make a note with the urls and make a production? A lot!!!!!! So now is time to come back to real life! I blogged a bunch today!!!I will come back at night.
No histories to tell, create or something like this!!just noticing to you what i loved!

For The Love Of Science Hunt
For The Love Of Science Hunt
Outfit:FTLO - #14 [SHUSH] here
Skin:[ep] Dottie - FTLO - #27 [Ello Poppet]here
Hair:Serena-Midnite 3636 new releases not free here
Shoes:FTLO - #47 [Muted] here
Jewels:FTLO - #44 [Ripe] here
Center of Universe:.:it's Cake:. Center of the Universe here
Tatoo1:FTLO - #12 [Actchio] here
tatoo2:wish you were here tatoo here

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