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Lucky Dip At Kouse's Sanctum you always win some jewel and with 12 gems a nice gown that you can choose!

Lucky Dip On Kouse's Sanctum
You found your way into a vast castle, that had the appearance of almost being a palace. You step inside, and find many things, but the one that caught your attention right at this moment is a magical box that appears to glow from all the gold, silver, and jewels that burden it.
You touch the lid...and it lets you reach inside to blindly choose one item!
This is a "lucky dip" with a twist. Each time you "dip" you can receive any of a number of items...but NONE are booby prizes.
Gems: All of the gems (there are 12) Have the following name "[K~*~S} Heart". Collect all 12 of these and you can redeem the set for a 500L gift card!"
This was the note i received about the Kouse's sanctum Lucky Dip.
I had so much fun! i won so many jewels, and trade gems with friends was really a uniquee Lucky Dip. Tp yourself and go check!
So good lucky and here are the gowns i have choose! =)[K~*~S] Antigone - Necklace - Silver - Ruby one of the gift of the Lucky Dip on Kouse's Sanctum
Phoebe - Gown - Ruby by Kouse's Sanctum
Outfit:Phoebe - Gown - Ruby by Kouse's Sanctum here
Skin:&Bean - hounds of love LIGHT Hjort not free here
Hair:Maitreya Piper - Walnut not free here
Outfit:[K~*~S] Vivienne II - Gown - Neptune another gown from Kouse's Sanctum speachless.
Jewels:[K~*~S] Lydia - Jewelry Set - Silver - Pearl by Kouse's Sanctum thanks for the coins i grabbed on Lucky Dip

Kouse's Sanctum Lucky Dip here

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