quinta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2010

My real life birthday and my virtual gifts.. Tears ... Shangreloo Kuhn ink + my skin like almost i am real life! Love you all!

If you don't know the work of Shangreloo Kuhn, so is time to visit an art gallery!
You know, second Life is not just fashion, outfits. shoes...!
She is one of my best friends and an artist very very unique (real life and second life) ! Her blog: On The Loose On Second Life where you can find nice tips as well is also in my page!
& now her works are on Paris Metro Gallery and The inks are in UrbanArts those are soooooo nice and alive!!!
Well my main language is not english so i have no words to describe how i love them !
Also Shan has her own Gallery Loft Aspirations here
The first thing i did was rezz my awesome ink gift and put in house brick wall!:))) Thank you shan for the patience, to support me, to advice me, to share things with me and all this world of arts.
Shangreloo Kuhn Ta Paris Metro Gallery
my awesome gift by Shangreloo kuhn
ClaudsFlayToMe Belar Made me real life! o.o what a gift!
ClaudsFlayToMe Belar made me real life he took some pics and tryed maked me !!! i will not show you a pic real life but is very very similar...o.o tears!!!Also the tatoos are by Claud so you cannot have them. exclusive gift!
Hair:booN MOM288 hair brown not free
Boots? Stiletto Moody not free
Bra:Avid not free comes with Salem Outfit

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