sexta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2010

50l Friday - Deco + Tik ToK Super Bargain and yes I am lazy!!!!!!!!!!!

I am very lazy to blog .... i don't know today I am not on the mood...
I got a "thing"for my big friend, and it is on my sholder and I decided blog. Really is one of the most best builders I've met on Second Life. My kitten is cute!!!I love you Really!
Stella-2-medium-SBS - Super Bargain!
50l Friday Deco
Outfit:*DECO - Bloomers & Bustier Set - Coconut* 50l Friday here
Skin:Stella-2-medium-SBS - Super Bargain! Tik Tok Body Care here
Hair:!lamb. DIY Haircut - Butterfinger 50l Friday Everybody knows where is !lamb ... ;/
Necklace:*DECO - Essential pearl Set - Black* here
Heels:A-BOMB Lavea shoes (Suede)-pink here new release!!!
KITTEN ANIM is a creation by Really Scrabblebat he will sell soon, im him if you are interested
Gloves & Fshnets not free by Avid

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