domingo, 21 de novembro de 2010

Emery - Group Gift, AtomicBambi Diamond Hunt & more...

Atomic Bambi Lipstick Layer on hunt
Emery - Group Gift, AtomicBambi Hunt & more...
Top:*Thimbles* Ordinary Tube/fudge tee the pack for 25l here all store on sale!here
Blazer:GATO- Hobo Blazer on sale here
Shorts:Emery - Short Horses [Choco] free here
Tights:{nestle my bosom} albino peacock tights - sock layer 1l here
Skin:Tik Tok Body Care New Releases Bony-fair-smoky here
Lipstick Layer:AtomicBambi Tattoo - Sabrina Lip - Sheer Ruby on Diamond Hunt you have to find the fatpack of awesome lipsticks XD on store at Le Cirque here
Hair:[Shag] - Ode - brown not free here
Earrings & Bangles:*Ticky Tacky* Daily Bangles here 1l on third floor of store you will find lots of bargains!!
Boots:Fume' - High Keira_Tartans not free other colors here
Kitten & My Raccoon animated were made by Really Scrabblebat !!This guy builds all you want! Really is developing this pet animated and selling im him!! I am just his friend!

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