quarta-feira, 10 de novembro de 2010

I present to you LeMelonRouge Onyett Exposition! Lights, Shadows & Something More

LeMelonRouge Onyett- LeMR-WilliamsburgBrooklyn

First I wanna say to all readers that I am not a F*** Fashionist!!!!
I blog fashion, clothes, yes true!!!!They are for me art!
Clothes = design, a way that someone found to express the feelings or whatever.
So i am not a F*** Fashionist!!!I buy a bunch on SL I admit!!! But I confess I am a little bit tired of this "Petit Grand Monde"??? One thing I must confess:I love blog people that do not reply me!!!XD Is a way to give a slap on face in the person.
Because we should make efforts to be at least a little bit polite and reply!!! If we are unhappy on real life try do not transfer to the person this frustration...
I could make a huge list of creators (or Pop Stars? IMAO) that i have written and they do not reply me.Detail: i do not write asking for review copies, but sometimes my objects disappear and i send the transaction history asking the object again!!! Some creators do not really care!!!
Creators that i have missed hairs and they even send me one line telling "Laerke Sorry nothing i will do!"... I will not tell the name in special of that girl ...
is OK =)
I am here to talk about an exposition, about friendship and about talent!!! I present to you :
LeMelonRouge Onyett, an artist real life, and also an artist on Second Life. I can tell with proud that we became friends on real life!!
My bravo Spanish friend that traveled to New York and became the Gray Apple Pie in an explosion of colors!!!I can feel the thrilling of New York through the color fusion of his painture!
Those are some of his impressive work. The vernissage is today at 10 pm second life hour at Artemis Gallery. I am so happy, so proud that LeMelon had time, and also patience to create here what he is!!!!Congrats, Good Lucky and wow Le!! What a set!!!
People like LeMelon makes me have hope again in humanity. And suddenly i forget all those creators and non reply notecards and I can tell how tiny this represents and how bitter those "Gods"from Second Life must be on Real Life!!!!:(

Galerie Artemis Logo

(c) Gregory Kappler 2010 logo exposition
(c) Gregory Kappler 2010 logo exposition
LeMelonRouge Onyett - LeMR-TimesSqNYC

LeMelonRouge Onyett - LeMR-BroadwayFinancialNYC
LeMelonRouge Onyett - LeMR-BroadwayFinancialNYC
LeMelonRouge Onyett - LeMR-ChinaTownNYC

For this special occasion I let the freebies, bargains & stuffs aside and here i wear:
Dress: *Fishy Strawberry* Silk Gauze Dress - Dust not free Fae gave us a huge discount!! here
Skin:LAQ ~ Elena 04 [Pale] Glow skin not free here
Tatoo:La Malvada Mujer - Madame CoCo not free here
Hair:[e][e] Wish - Rich Browns here
Purse:Lavie not free here
Stiletto:Maitreya Gold - Salience Golden Black not free here

Galerie Artemis
Check it out!!!

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