sábado, 23 de abril de 2011

A sexy Bunny on Hunt & a Stunning Hair by Red Mint!

There are so many hunts on the grid that I am getting dizzy...
This is more one, Where The Peep Hunt...

Red Mint - New Releases!
Where The Peep..Hunt! by Vendom

Outfit:Black Demonic Bunny Set by Vendom, hunt item.It is a complet outfit with chains, and includes a shape!here
Skin:!MM! Snow Pale Not Free here
Hair:(r)M ~ Hair No.05 (F) ( b l o n d s ) Not Free/New Releases Red Mint
Arm Dagger:AVid: Salem - Arm Dagger Not Free
Poses:Poseur Not Free

I saw this hunt item at "On The Loose " ... in Second Life by Shangreloo Kuhn. It is another hunt called Where the Peep Hunt.
Official Blog here so you can take a look at the stores that are on the grid!

Local: I was at Vintage Village looking Dirty Rat Store. He has some freebies! here

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