terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2011

Apple Spice Poses+Pesca New Lucky Board + Sn@tch Gift for Culture Shock & Natural Beauty!

Pesca Lucky Board- awesome sky
Malinka by Natural Beauty
Lagyo My Own Personal Headpiece - Gift
Nudolu - freebies on Culture Shock
My Vinyl Collection on Marketplace
Pesca - Sky Box

Dress:Sn@tch Culture Shock Gift Box here
Skin:Malinka-2-fair-SBS Special edition by Natural BeautyNot Free. It was in a very good price, yes I am late! Check it out! Also there are 2 hunt items on the store!here
Hair:Hair:!lamb. Sleepyhead - Honeycomb Not Free here
Necklace:Dark Mouse Pearls Forever - VIP Past Group Gift join the gift for 50l it is worth!
Headpiece:LaGyo my own personal headpiece Free.
Heels:Maitreya Gold - Allure White Not free Not Free here
SkyBox:Pesca Lucky Board - In this post the focus are on the objects!
I loved furnish this Room.Today i really relaxed!here
Poses: Apple Spice New Releases!

The Objects:

Retro Fan:Past hunt item on Fin
Retro Radio:Past Hunt Item on Fin
Retro Record Player Mango on Marketplace Not free but cheap and many colors! here
MARITIMA Vinyl Record Boxes-4x-salesbox on Marketplace
Vogue Magazine:The Free Dove 15l
Seats:awww the store also gone :/
Vase:I made!
Books:I could not find the landmark I think it gone...:*(
Side table round:
:NuDoLu: Les petites matriochkas 20l
:NuDoLu: Trois soeurs de Matriochka A 10l
:NuDoLu: Lumiere des cartes anciennes 30l
Culture Shock
Iphone:Rarity Design free here

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