quinta-feira, 12 de maio de 2011

Changing the personality on Second Life! Be Careful this happens a bunch!

Valentina by Guido Crepax my Italian Heroin!

Imabee  Charity Item!

Imabee at Skin & Expo 2011 Charity Item

Be Careful with Second Life!
I've seen already many people loosing themselves here in this game.
You must always think that your avatar is just a tool.
You will meet a lot of people. You will think they are really your friends.
They are Not!!I already saw Many people changing: behavior,character, honor on Second Life.
Internet makes this cause we are hidden, so our devils come out!
They really think they become important after an event,a store,a blog,being a model or even a marriage...
A fantasy that this will change your Real Life Perhaps. Wow!!!
Nothing change... People are so stupid!
Some people like to use people and after all.Pufff byeeeeeeee!!!!
This place is just a game!! A friendship is a clicked square!
I am always clear, honest!No patience for 2 faces!
I hate cowards and sometimes little details become huge details.
I don't know why.
I am here to have fun, learn more about Photoshop while I cannot sleep and while I am also making my Real Life work on computer!
I am without shoes on this picture because i wanna show that my feet are on ground.
And also I am a simple person!
I am no one here. No one is better than other!!! People get mad!!!WTF
Words that I've heard last days:
"I feel me so important!!! awww I need an assistant,a secretary!!! awww I am exclusive from this EVENT O.o OOOOMG!!!!" And??!O.o
They change themselves!They loose themselves,their essence die .... poor borderline people without destiny... :((
Dedicated to all Borderlines from this Game!

Chic Boutique this week

Dress:*LpD* - *Paper* Dress Blue Not Free Chic Boutique
Skin:!Imabee: Petal - Olivia - Bleu Marine Charity Item for Skin & Shape Expo 2011 here
Hair:Clawtooth: Lovely Liz - Purple Rain Not Free
Pants:-siss boom-everyday skinny jean dark Not free but cheap you must check it out! Chic Boutique
Necklace:*JD*PEARLS & DIAMONDS white Not Free Chic Boutique
Pose:Lap Not free
Location:Some acts got me sooooo upset that I had no power to look for a place.

Chic Boutique

All items by Chic Boutique are lower than 80l! Check it out!

I pray everyday to have your friendship!
Thank you Shangreloo Kuhn, Kristiane Karfield, Tami Burt, Amelie Fravoisse, Aeon Crystal,Pao Verrazzano,Lexor Vintner,Hidanetkazuku Swords,Joseph Lowenhart.

Laerke is a tool from this girl!
Nothing but this!

4 comentários:

  1. So true Laerke, a lot of people is stupid! Some people think like if they are queens or kings lololol and that make me laugh a lot. The worse thing is that they thing what they are not!! LOL

    Nice post <3

    divinna Ansar :D

  2. Agree, unfortuantely it happens. I saw people change friendship for sucess. It´s so sad
    Thank you hun, you are so true, thanks you my friend, you make me feel to think about a lot things...

  3. Yes :( I got pissed of with some actions.
    Sometimes almost think in leave...
    but i like virtual thought.
    Sometimes we meet people and PEOPLE! ;)