segunda-feira, 23 de maio de 2011

Tomoto Lucky Board + Mojo Skin! Freee

Once upon a time,laerke borned and she was Very tall and big.
So years were passing and my shape became change.
I met Tressa Beaumont and she totally fixes me. She was the first!
I have thousands of Laerke shapes.
Shapes for different skins D made by Tressa!
I think most of my friends have changed a shape by me as a gift!
It is fun wear the differences (is kinda particular this)!
Between my face never changes!I made it!
Now Tressa Beaumont is back to Second Life, she remade Laerke's Shape again! I am soo happy that She is back!
And here I am remade and i must say that is almost the same thing, but just more languid.
I wanna say that Tressa Beaumont rocks!
She always fixes my Sh*s and she makes professional shapes for anyone! Just Im her!
It is worth!
I love you Tressa and welcome back!<3




Top:][AV][jacket fur light gray here Not Free
Skirt:tomoto, petite princesse dot Lucky Board here
Skin:MOJO GIFT// FigHT CLub aLba // peach here Group Gift on store you can find 5 skins I think they are 5 to grab! Just Join the group!
Hair:!lamb. Cherry - Kit Kat Not Free Not Free
Socks:Pig - Knee Sock Mit Suspenders - Red Red Sock Not Free Here
Poses:LAP Not Free here
Location:This Island is here

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