quinta-feira, 23 de junho de 2011

Je suis a Provence & je rêve, je rêve ...

Natural Beauty released a New Skin, also I became blog The Fashion Garret Precious like the vintage tee by C'est Moi, D!va released new hairs for us (Hair Whores Laughs),And the pics are in Provence because I miss someone very special =)


Tee:C'est Moi!My vintage pink blouse 1 for The Fashion Garret
Leggings:Fleshtone :: Distressed Jersey Leggings 25l!!!!O.O here
Skin:Tulip-pale-cl-db-fr-01 New Releases Not Free
Hair:""D!va"" Hair "Maya" New Releases this is one of the colors and models!!! here
Necklace:(Yummy) Travelers Charms Not Free here
Boots:Stiletto Moody Bare Lucille Not Free
Location:Provence, Couer both Not Free

Je suis juste là avec lui.
main dan la main,
yeux dans les yeux.
tranquille et heureuse...

The Fashion Garret

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