terça-feira, 19 de julho de 2011

Cupcake War Hunt!!!!Part 3

I am so tired that i even can think!
what shall i write or say!
I just can say this hunt is creative and very nice!
bip bip

Cupcakes War Hunt
Cupcakes War Hunt
Cupcakes War Hunt
Cupcakes War Hunt

Cupcake:Atooly - Cupcake Cutie Mouthie White Hunt Item
FreakyDesign - Cupcake NomNom here Hunt Item
Tee:! JCz Fuckin' Teez ! - Nude Cupcake here
Panties:DLT-cupcake panty Hunt Item!here
Skin:Tulip-pale-db-05 by Natural Beauty for The Fashion Garret
Hair:(r)M ~ Hair No.11 (F) ~ Satin Blond Not Free here
Bangles:Cupcake War Hunt Gift - Brat! Cupcake Retro here
Shoes:ZC CupCake War Hunt Item - ZERO COOL Designz Hunt Item here

Flower Vase:Poche free here
Skybox:Atooly - FlowerDots Skybox Hunt Item
Cupboard @ ~La'Licious~ Cupcake Bookshelf Hunt Item Hunt Item
.:Evilkyoot:. Sweet Lazy Loungin'here Hunt Item
**Comfy Within** White-Pink Sofa here Hunt Item
ponitee:::Change URL & Texture Recordrack-1 Not Free

Poses:Y&R,Poseur Not Free
The Other Things I already blogged under this post ... so just take a look!

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