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The Live Chat with Linden Lab ...

I must say to you that Second Life is becoming annoying for me !Now my Maitreya Hairs disappeared!!!o.o A complete folder with all the firsts hairs i had purchased!OK!
1.Advice always make a note card with your transaction history and keep it in some folder!I am sure you will need one day...;/
2.Ahh the chat with the support yes!!!
Chat Started: 07-26-2011 17:41:37
Chat Log:
JamieW: Hello! Thank you for contacting Linden lab support! My name is JamieW Scout and I will be assisting you today. Please bear with as I may be assisting many residents at once. It will be my pleasure in assisting you with your Second Life issues :).
You: hello
JamieW: Hi Laerke, how can I help you today?
You: my inventory continue missed many things already gone like Maitreya Hairs i mean ALL of them because i had ALL of them my cases are always closed while you continue giving me standard answers and sending me links...
JamieW: I'm sorry that you had the problem, let's see what I can do with it.
JamieW: Okay, so one of the things you say you are missing is Maitreya hairs?
You: i am having this problems a long time and linden lab just gives me standard answers
You: ?
You: hello
You: Mr.Jamie are you there?
You: ???????
You: Mr.Jamie?
You: ....
and the conclusion: the guy let me waiting at chat during 5 hours!!!I went cook, eat, shower and none answer!!!This is how Linden Lab cares to us!<3

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