sábado, 13 de agosto de 2011

The Secret Store,Verve,What's Next for Platinum Hunt + Slink New Releases!

Platinum Hunt again!
The Secret Store item is this bolero super cute!
What's Next made a huge folder with poses and balloons, nice for people that like take Pictures!
Verve put this skin called Ina and Ii fits me soo well!
Elikatira that I already blogged is a nice hair for a classic look!
Slink has New Releases like those heels!
Please go to Chic Management Blog and look the hints of those amazing items!
Verve for Platinum Hunt
What's Next for Platinum
The Secret Store,Verve,Elikatira,What's Next Platinum Hunt
The Secret Store & What's Next For Platinum
The Secret Store,Ekikatira  for Platinum
Slink New Releases!
Bolero:The Secret Store - Bow-Lero - Cotton Candy - for Platinum Hunt 10l
Shorts:The Secret Store - Highwaisted shorts - Denim Not Free
Skin:*VERVE* SKIN-INA-Sunblush-FALL for Platinum Hunt 10l
Hair:[e] Parade - Brown 12- for Platinum Hunt 10l here
Jewels:~SIGMA~Jewels/ Siren earrings (cobalt-pink)~ & ~SIGMA~Jewels/ Siren bracelet (cobalt-pink, gold) L~ Not Free here
Heels:Slink Destiny Heels Fuschia New Releases !!!
Baloons:*{what next}Balloon Love Pose Set - for Platinum Hunt 10l (huge set with poses!)
Poses:Lap Not Free
Location:Two Fish

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