sexta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2011

*evergreen*September gift(2011) on notices + D!va Hairs for Members! + Al Vulo for TFG & Staged Back!

I have no patience to write some sentences about...
Staged is back!!! They have nice new outfits for old fans or for whom never heard about!
Those shorts are so sexy!
Al Vulo made for The Fashion Garret this skin soooo cute!!!
D!va has a huge pack of hairs g o r g e o u s! They are totally stunning!
Evergreen has a group gift this tee I wear! And also Red Mint those steampunk rings.
I think is this...

Al Vulo!- annarella for The Fashion Garret
*evergreen*September gift(2011) on notices + Staged Shorts & D!va Hairs for Members!

T-shirt:*evergreen*September gift(2011) on notices
Shorts:*Staged* Nasville Short- Dingy Not Free
Skin:[Al Vulo! ]- [annarella*do not say a word, that is not love] for The Fashion Garret
Hair:""D!va"" Hair "Mana" (Type B)(Black amber) Group Gift 15.000 Members! on store!
Jewels on Hands:( R E D ) M I N T ~ gG 08'11 Red Mint Group Gift
Location:Las Arenas Rosadas

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