quarta-feira, 4 de abril de 2012

xxYOMESHOUJOxx Group Gift + Mina Hair & More... I am kinda lazy Today! ;)

xxYOMESHOUJOxx GG +Mina Hair Not Free

Skin:LAQ ~ Lovisa [Milky] 03 Not Free
Hair:MINA Lulu - Pure Orange Not Free
Body:xxYOMESHOUJOxx {{group gift}} no,20 Group Gift Join the group for 1l !!!!!!!!!!
Tatoo:The Sea Hole The Nature of mankind colorful Sleeve tattoo 2 Not Free
Shoes:[LeLutka]-K.I.A.-TigerLily/Capri Not Free
Tatoo:The Sea Hole Not Free
Poses:Y&R Not Free
I love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

terça-feira, 3 de abril de 2012

Red Mint New Group Gift, Valentina E. Couture Group Gift, More Wasabi Pills Mesh Hairs,Dark Mouse Group Gift , Bowie I Love You!

How could I do not love a man that had an alt called Ziggy Stardust?
Davie Bowie is my Favorite, at least one of my favorites for sure with those eyes... one is green, and the other blue!!!Some kind of heterochromia... Those eyes... Bowie rocks!!
I do love him, and what he represents in the musical world!
Red Mint has an awesome skin for Group Members, a peace of cake! Just join the group for free!Attention the skin is kinda silver but I used some PS effects in those pictures. I wanted so bad show you the details of those rainbow eyes!!
Those classy Mesh hairs are by Wasabi Pills and they are New!
Valentina E. Couture has a mesh tiger dress, free to join and Dark Mouse has those bangles for Group Members.It is fee to join, but each month the members receive a generous jewel from this store!

Red Mint Group Gift
Red Mint Group Gift,Valentina E. Couture Group Gift,Dark Mouse Group Gift, Wasabi Pills Mesh Hair
Skin:Red Mint( r )M ~ (5rB) R A W ~ coldSKIN Join the group for free and grab your rainbow eyes!
Hair:/Wasabi Pills/ Annette2 Mesh Hair - Ash Not Free
Dress::V.e.Debut Gift V.2 Join the group for free!This dress is a mesh one It is awesome!Valentina E. Couture
Earrings:Dark Mouse Pearls Forever Earring - Black Bow Not Free
Bangles:Dark Mouse Old Bangles Left (Exclusive VIP Gift) is fee to join but worth!
Pumps:Maitreya on subscribe (tons of colors!) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Coraline/203/104/1003

segunda-feira, 2 de abril de 2012

Al Vulo, C'est La Vie,Jack Spoon, Gifts, Gifts, & Gifts more Wasabi Pills Mesh Hairs New!!!!

Al Vulo has an awesome Group Gift for members and it is free to join!!!!
Wasabi Pills Mesh Hairs Has New releases and I am loving those hairs!!!This is Lola, but they have new,other new releases!!!
C'est La Vie have 2 lucky boards waiting for you at the Main store, but this coat is for Group Members! It is join and grab it!
Those panties by Jack Spoon are free, and there are more free things at Chic Sim! Hurry up because the sim will close on April for while as far as I know it will close and reopen!
I love Lelutka shoes, boots, so I found this in my inventory... it was there lost and it is pretty well done, and not free!
Poses all by Del May and they are Not Free

C'est La Vie GG, Jack Spoon free panties,Lola Wasabi Pills Hairs,Al Vulo Skins Group Gift
C'est La Vie GG, Jack Spoon free panties,Lola Wasabi Pills Hairs,Al Vulo Skins Group Gift
C'est La Vie GG, Jack Spoon free panties,Lola Wasabi Pills Hairs,Al Vulo Skins Group Gift
C'est La Vie GG, Jack Spoon free panties,Lola Wasabi Pills Hairs,Al Vulo Skins Group Gift
C'est La Vie GG, Jack Spoon free panties,Lola Wasabi Pills Hairs,Al Vulo Skins Group Gift

Skin:Al Vulo- leilani* april gold fish claveage sunkissed Group Gift
Hair:/Wasabi Pills/ Lola Mesh Hair - Orchid Not Free
Coat:::C'est la vie !:: fur bolero(black)group gift
Panties:Jack Spoon - A gift for you at Chic Sim Free is a pack with other colors here
Boots:[LeLutka]-Illeid Boots-Ice/Brown Not Free here
Poses:Del May Not Free
Location: Two Fish

C'est La Vie GG, Jack Spoon free panties,Lola Wasabi Pills Hairs,Al Vulo Skins Group Gift,Lelutka Boots Not Free

sábado, 31 de março de 2012

Happy Delay Birthday Mr.Clapton and Ricielli Group Gift and more!

Was the birthday of Mr.Eric Clapton, I was busy to post something but I am posting now a
Sweet Happy Birthday for one of the most Elegant,Talented, and Nice!:))
I do really love this speechless man!
The God of the Guitar that always made me cry and laugh during all my life!
Info about the post under please!<3

Ricielli Mesh - Marchesa dress Group Gift, JesyLilo New Releases, A&A Hair

Ricielli Group Gift, A&A Hair,JesyLilo New Releases

Dress:Ricielli Mesh - Marchesa dress // Yellow Pattent [please rezz] Group Gift Join and grab yours! on notices!
Skin:*JeSyLiLO*:::Kitty:::*LightSkin*J2 New Releases Not Free
Make-up:*JeSyLiLO*::KittyLips::*OnlyWithKittySkin (Hotpink) Not Free
Hair:All&Ali Wilma Hair Darkbrown/Pink tipped Not Free There are lots of gifts for members and also 2 lucky chairs!Check it out!
Jewels:~SIGMA~Jewels/ Octagonal bangles Not Free
~SIGMA~Jewels/ Siren necklace (cobalt-pink)~ Not Free
Poses:Poseur Not Free

Happy Birthday Mr. Clapton God of the Guitar!

quinta-feira, 29 de março de 2012

I loved this tired face by JesyLiLo New!, Ginger New Mesh Hair by Wasabi Pills & A cute gift by Chocolate Atelier

When I enter at the SL, the first thinG I do is: let my avatar quiet and counting the inventory and while this I keep reading what I consider "Main" Blogs to me!
One of them for sure are Free*Style, and why???
Because they make nice productions, and I like them a lot.
So I got crazy when I saw A new member from Free*Style, wearing this dress from Chocolate Atelier(A Group Gift). I had to post it! So here it is this!!!
This skin by JesyLiLo is a new release, and I will post the "commons" as well,lol...
But now I am exactly with this face!!!o.O
I am Tired,with sad eyes,you know??? I loved this skin and the lipstick of course I've chosen red to match with the dress!
Those Mesh Hairs are from Wasabi Pills, it calls Ginger and the color is Ginger bread, and it is a new release as well!
I am repeating those pair of boots because I think everybody must waist some time at the S@bbia's Lucky Board to have one!!!XD
Check it out Folks!!<3


Dress:::c.A.:: Dots jumper skirt "Red" [Gift] join the Group for Free and grab yours! here
*JeSyLiLO*:::Kitty:::*LightSkin*J1*BT New Release!
*JeSyLiLO*::Shadow::*Eyes Shadow (Tired Eyes)New Release! here Also this group is super worth!! Lilo Glom is generous with the members!!
Wasabi Pills:Ginger Mesh Gingerbread Not Free New Releases!
Tatoo:La Malvada Mujer La Malvada Mujer - 8 [chest - arms tattoo] 2
Boots:Short Boots (mesh) black S@bbia on Lucky Board for members and is free to join! Yes I am repeating the same boots because they are nice!D I love them!
Poses:Del May Not free

Censored Group Gift, Al Vulo New releases,S@bbia Mesh Boots on LB

Lazy, lazy, lazy Hi I am bringing you some freebies!
S@bbia has an awesome pair of boots on Lucky Board!
Censored on the Group and you can join for free and grab this nice military top, it calls .::CENSORED::.Hilary Top 1!
Those pants are from Coco Not free
Al Vulo has New releases this nice Leilani bronze and a bunch of lipsticks,and for this post I've chosen the pink night one!!!I already posted a Group Gift by Al Vulo check it out on the sim!Is free to join!
The hair is Lamb!not free
The bangles are from So Many Styles Not free
and I think is this! for while ;)
Nice Shopping Dears!<3

[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Leilani ] - [Bronze ] New Releases!
Censored Group Gift Top,S@bbia LB, La malvada Mujer Tatoo free!,Coco Pants Not free!
Censored Group Gift Top,S@bbia LB, Coco Pants Not free!
Censored Group Gift Top,S@bbia LB, Coco Pants Not free!
Censored Group Gift Top,S@bbia LB, Coco Pants Not free!

Top:.::CENSORED::.Hilary Top 1 Group Gift free to join
Pants:*COCO*_Jeans(Blue)_Pants Not Free here
Skin:[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Leilani ] - Bronze New Releases!
Al Vulo!- Leilani lipstick pink night for bronze
Hair:!lamb. Sleepyhead - Obsidian Not Free here
Tatoo:La Malvada Mujer - Cubico 1 free
Bangles:SMS Not Free here
Boots:S@BBiA:Short Boots (mesh) black LB free to join and grab yours on LB
Poses:Everglow and Y&R Not Free but Worth!


sábado, 24 de março de 2012

Stawberry Fields Forever!!!! JesyLiLo Group Gift,Strawberry Fields, Slink Jean Pants for free and more!

Finally I finished this post!!!
I took those pictures on an awesome place that is going on a Strawberry Festival!!! You will get the url I posted, and after arrive on a ship, you will touch the board and You will go to a sky full of white trees, so walk a bit and voilá! You will find a tiny table full of free strawberries things!I got a whole folder with this basket, an other with a cute strawberry for mouth, and other stuffs! I just have chosen those!
Red Mint Have released news for us and What can I say about this texture and model of this top??? Amazing isn't it?
The hair is Aoharu, not free but Hey!!I still have stuffs I never used on my inventory since last year,so I will wear -.-
The Skin is by *JeSyLiLO* and I falled in love for those face, honestly Wow!!!What a gift for members of this Group!!!!Thank you LiLo Glom!!!!
Those pants are from Slink and it is a Mesh Gift by them!!!! I saw on Free*Style blog!!
I like to put the sources of my friends! I have blogs that I always watch, and I like them as friends so to me it is not a competition, it is just for fun! ;)
Those earrings are by Glow Studio and the price:55 lindens
Nice shopping folks!


(r)M~DrawDown Top (No.07) New Releases & Other colors
Slink Bootcut Jeans Mesh Gift

Skin:*JeSyLiLO*:::GroupGiftSkin:::*Spring here
Hair:AOHARU_HAIR_Daria02b(CustardBrown) Not Free
Earrings:[ glow ] Shiri Tasell Earrings 55 lindens here
Strawberry:Erd beeren~ Gift Basket here
Top:(r)M~DrawDown Top (No.07) New Releases and there are other colors here
Pants:Slink Bootcut Jeans Mesh Gift here
Shoes:**SLink Subscriber Gift [wear me] here
Pose:Lap Not Free
Pose:Everglow Not Free