segunda-feira, 30 de novembro de 2009

Free Lapointe =)

There is a free store in Paul Lapointe sim. Is a paradise, a huge store for women and men gothic clothes like this one i am wearing.
When someone ask me a freebie i always recommend there. Besides that i am a vampire and in my clan when news arrive i love notice them about that store.Is not quit easy find,you have to pain attention to take a teleport but nothing so quit hard:).If you are not vampire that is ok is a place that i am sure you will love visit! The skin was fro free a gift from Aimesi store and alo the hair a dolarbie from Savoir Hair.

Outfit:Lapointe Gothica Memoire free
Hair:"Black Serafina" from Bishwear bought in other paradise Savoir Hair at Hair Spray 1l
Skin:Aimesi "Angie 2" free gift
Boots: Avid

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