segunda-feira, 30 de novembro de 2009

I am what i am and i can change my mood !

Omg at Black Friday I've been stayed looking the skins at Fabfree site, and i went at &Bean and found that "angry pale skin", it costs 50l.
Today I went at little britain take a look to watch the free boards when i saw this outfit: t-shirt, paints and this skull belt, very rebel doesnt it?
The perfect ocasion to wear that skin and make a snapshot.
The hairs came from a hunt in Burning Chrome loooooot of stores are in this picture, the eyelashes from Dutch Touch (but came with the skins i bought there).
Awesome skins!!
Be rebel, and smart girl! Go to Little Britain and grab yours ahhhh there is for male as well!:)

Outfit:Free board at Little Britain free
Skin:Angry pale Skin - Black friday at &Bean was 50l in that day
Hair:Burning Chrome in a hunt -free
Lashes:Dutch Touch - but came with the awesome skins i bought there
mounth cigar: xstreet but don"t remember the link :(( free
Picture: Vinicius Mortensen

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