domingo, 22 de novembro de 2009

i am not a teddy bear

i can tell you that "i am not a teddy bear" i am in this wonderful game that you can be what u want and how you want.
lae choosed be a vampire from SCARLETT THORNS clan.
if you want join the game like a vampire. play bloodlines , have people, friends, family please im me!!!
my liege is Theresa OHalon, one of the e I really like to help and have a group is a start!
be a vampire is hard you must be polite and conquer the person,
seduce with your words .
is good when you got a soul but i don't pass my time hunting !
i like a lot hunt clothes and dollarbie stuffs and change my av all time XD!!!

outfit, skin and hair came from Sissy Pessoa,
was a nice gift from Baiastice and you can join the group.
this picture i make my own :)

Baiastice: slurl and landmark

Scarlett Thorns Clan: slurl and landmark

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