domingo, 22 de novembro de 2009

the second life by laerke levenque

first i must say to everybody that i am not americain so i am sorry for my english !!!XD
here i intend write all that my avatar laerke levenque loves..
this maybe helps people that really wants find: how to earn money, how to find hunts and things really cool and please!!! don't use stollen stuffs. hairs and skins that people sorts to you...
probably you are wearing stollen stuffs!!!:(((
something that a designer waisted time to create .... and you did not buy for this!!!
is not faire, and you can be banned and more!!!
intend that your are the creator? will you will like that?
you create something and people are wearing without buy?o.o
this is odd!!!

the first thing is: respect all and be polite and you will be very welcome in all the sims...
read the rules from the places always ...
use translator if u do not speak english...
don't accept things if u don't know people...
THE fashion blog that i recomend .
it notices u you hunts , dollarbies and the best of the best in second life.:)
Is a group that helps you .
there i find best places to buy and i really feel that the girls of fabfree work very hard and make a good service in the world!!

skin Redgrave Moon not free
eyelashes l'utopie free
the hair Analog Dog hair Monday : comes with a hud and u can change color not free
picture Vinicius Mortensen

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