sábado, 23 de outubro de 2010

[LI] Oriental Peacock by Lemania Indigo Designs because i am loyal & love the vintage!

I always will be Loyal to the first store that helped me began!
Some bloggers forget how was difficult the beginning and how Miss Lemania Indigo
was generous!!!Not me !
Besides that Lemania has a vintage style like my favorites designers on real life (Poiret,Erté,Lanvin). Vintage, style, colors,textures and a passion for the 20's & 30's!
Maybe you never heard about, well i am putting the links D so you can grab some culture if you want .....

As I said we are on SL the spectrum of what we are on real life!!!No Kratus my friend told me this!!! So True!!!
LOL I never forget my friends and people that helped me! And I never will forget rude people, people without character, people that do not reply me a notecard. Never!!!!

[LI] Oriental Peacock by Lemania Indigo Designs
Outfit:[LI] Oriental Peacock by Lemania Indigo Designs here 100l just today! This Outfit comes with a skirt and hat but i made it more casual! =)
Skin:Rita Fair not free at The Call for Couture Festival
Hair:Gertrude - Ash Blonde not free here

The Botanical Garden
i gave a break from my land It is a mess under construction
still waiting Really, Lennard & Lexor help me =)

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