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Second Life is just for fun! Corra Lola Corra!

.:ellabella:. Arachni's Kiss
skin spider
evil lae
First I remember the times I was happy playing DCS like a warrior in rp with my friends. After, I decided to build and Lynn, Claud, Joseph taught me almost what I know about building, links, scripts and I was happy jumping in places like Fermi University and meeting guys like Really Scrabblebat. What a talented guy!

After reading an article about copybots, I decided to make a blog...;/ I have seen so many things in this "world"of fashionists. People don't share, people don't help each other. A few groups help me actually!! It is scary how people or how Second Life can change someone!!!

I sometimes imagine how the person behind the avatar is.On the keyboards. Do they have real life friends, boyfriends, sexual life???:(((( Awww this is so sad!! Do they have orgasms?? Is it a taboo to talk about orgasms? :( Those rude and unhappy people; how sad they are!! I love each person I have known and chosen to be my friend and those are a selective group(a few)!!

Kris today told me please blog for pleasure. Forget this sickness competition. Yes... It is a sickness competition between bloggers but why? I will never understand... I have always tried to share because I have never cared about who posts what first. It is better to spend one day making a nice picture than an ordinary one!!! Really!!! So I try to take few pictures but I know they are not ordinary !!! I make them with passion, light, colors, soul, tears. I do not rush and I am not a cute cute of the designers. Designers need to live and I like to buy because they create to sell! Sometimes I buy and my things disappear ... It happens;/

T-shirt:Evil Lae LeMelonRouge Onyett made this t-shirt based in a picture by me real life is a trilogy of Laes so no one can have!
Pants:J.E.M. O.ops pants if you don't read japanese blogs you are loosing the best in world.Those pants cost me 10l and there is a sale here in this place all for 10l & also some freebies.
Skin:Sileny Noel showed this skin (I would like to say thank you)It cost 10l at Idiosyncrasy I told her i would blog this skin and I asked if I could put her name because first of all she rocks in style and also in soul!
Hair:>TRUTH< Sileny - espresso not free of course she Rocks! here
Boots & Warmlegs:Tea Hunt here 1l
Piercing: 50l Friday on The Plastik .:ellabella:. Arachni's Kiss here so is in the end and I do not care ....
Gloves,Underwear & Fishnets:Avid not free
Cushion: I made a Gorean Cushion a long and i put my cat Absinthe on picture. Black cats protect witches like me.=)
Skybox:generous gift by SMOTD
If you came here looking for orange things for Halloween the feeds are full of stuffs
Honestly I will blog what i wanna and when i wanna now... While I write tons of girls
are running to have more one post,more one post and this is worst than DCS war!!!
Pao Verrazzano, Miah McAuley,Lynn Byron, Shangreloo Kuhn ( my strong friend), Fanceey Darkstone,Kristine Karfield, Lexor Vintner,Julien Tandino that gone like a fog but let me deeply marks& and of course to Mr. Lennard Denver my everything here! I love all of you.

I know is a big article but you don't have to read!
By the way with proud I am brazilian so I am sorry for the mistakes in English!

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