quinta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2010

Tea Hunt began ! Just Japanese Designers and a nice place created by Mijn Seoung & Urikoh Blinker!

All of those itens belong for the Tea Hunt that started october 20!!!
All of those itens with high quality o,o! They are amazing! And what a nice hunt to do!
Mijn Seoung and urikoH Blinker are the organizers by The Tea Hunt. They thought in each detail of the house!
You just have to tp yourself and find a black boxes! here
Tea Hunt!
Pants:TEA HUNT - Tee*fy 1l
Skin:.::Mother Goose's::. Chiaki_Tea hunt01 1l
Hair:++AY.LinE++Assam[[Charcoal]] hunt item one of them!!! free
Boots:TEA HUNT - R2 fashion 1l
TEA HUNT - tomoto
Tea Hunt - Tomoto 1l
Pose:Xbordeaux here another one of my favorite stores Xanadu Capelo
Deviant Girls by  Tea Hunt
Deviant Girl - Tea Hunt 1l
TEA HUNT - !Ohmai + TEA HUNT - R2 fashion + TEA HUNT - tram
Tshirt:TEA HUNT - !Ohmai (has more 2 colors on folder!) 1l
Skin:.::Mother Goose's::. Chiaki_Tea Hunt02 ll
Hair:Maitreya Moon - Caramel not free
leg warmers(limited color red) - tram Tea Hunt
Shorts:*COCO*_Gift_Tee&DenimShorts group gift here
Stuuf:duboo.cherryblossom (mouth)Tea Hunt 1l
Boots:R2 fashion TEA HUNT - tram 1l

who is participating:
TEA HUNT - duboo
TEA HUNT - mocha 2/2
TEA HUNT - Tee*fy
TEA HUNT - tokidoki (again :))
TEA HUNT - tokidoki
TEA HUNT - R2 fashion
TEA HUNT - !Ohmai
TEA HUNT - Nakamuraya
TEA HUNT - loveme.
TEA HUNT - +KiiToS!!+ 1/2
TEA HUNT - .::Mother Goose's::.
TEA HUNT - *deviant girls*
TEA HUNT - .+*Atelier AM*+.
TEA HUNT - Yozoh*
TEA HUNT - [kik]
& more
Do I need write more about this amazing hunt?? =)

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