quinta-feira, 4 de agosto de 2011

My Second Wardrobe + Free Sandals & Dark Mouse Bag!

My Second Wardrobe has many nice bargains to us this month!
Honestly, I really loved this Paper Doll dress and also this updo by Angel Hair (It comes in 5 tons) is a perfect hair for a picnic, considering that i am wearing the free Dark Mouse Straw Summer Bag (other colors!).The sandals are a "Must", a group gift by [BWC CLUB], and the source (it means i watched in other blog,one of the bests in my view!! Fashion Kawaii Colors).
I love put the sources, because I think it is fair!! Some Smart people just watch other blogs and post the same stuff, what is very commmon! But I think that be a nice person, and also honest is: also present to YOU page viewer where did i found it!
I really like share and I will always change the style of my pics,hahahah Corra Lola Corra!
The skin is by Al Vulo and the make-up eyes are so cute that i made this detailed pic!Sigma has a nice earring for the same event!

Al Vulo - MSW + Angel MSW

-Paper.Doll- MSW: Charley,Al Vulo MSW + Dark Mouse Free Bag

Free Sandals !!!

Dress:-paper.doll- MSW: Charley-Slate MSW
Skin:al vulo- miha * soleil milk MSW
Eyeliner:Glow -Pin Up Not free here
Hair:Angel - Vivien (5 Colour ) for MSW - Caramel (other tons!!!!)
Bag:Dark Mouse Straw Summer Bag (Blue) Free! and in other colors!
Earrings:SIGMA Jewels/ Anya earrings MSW
Sandals:[BWC CLUB] groupgift here
Location:drobak*, DROBAK village

My Second Wardrobe

The V letter by the fabulous Ertè

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  1. Nice skin & sandals, loved them. I went and fetched them but when tried to wear them I noticed that the ankle part doesn't quite attach to the rest of the leg without resizing.

    It has nice feet too, better than the default, the problem is that when you "wear" the sandals you get then two feet showing on each shoe, the one on the sandal and the avatar's foot. Sometimes they overlap nicely but in some standing poses the original foot is at an angle thus showing two feet on that leg.